Cross Platform eLearning

LearnBrite meets the need for cross-platform authoring on which the newest technology can maximise the effect of the latest and best learning techniques.


True Cross Platform eLearning delivery and engagement using a range of devices from the Oculus Rift, PC, laptops, tablets and phones with the advances of Chrome on Androids and Apple iOS8.

Zero installation required – Zero plugins – Zero IT approval required

Your Training Location


Virtual Actors Bring Training to Life

Personalized Virtual Actors with unique roles, appearances, fashion or uniforms, and Real Time Voices, guide the user through the learning and testing process within the virtual environment of your choice.


Dynamic scenarios adapt based on your actions and decisions.

Non-linear dialogue and branching conversations allow each experience to be unique and for users to learn from different actions.

Curtin University Case Study


The Virtual Home Visit was made by LearnBrite for Curtin University to train and assess physiotherapy students. Students virtually visit a patient’s home environment, talk with them and identify potential risks.

This works on any smartphone, tablet or computer. If you are using a VR mask click the Oculus or Cardboard icons on the top left. Enjoy!

Case Study

A controlled academic study has been carried out on a group of third year students using avatars, environments, text to speech, branching dialogues, decision trees, tracking, assessment and more in a Moodle test scenario. It shows how we made immersive eLearning work on phones, tablets, computers and VR headsets and what happened when a leading University implemented it.


LearnBrite uses ‘Just-Enough Gamification™ ‘which is shorthand for “enough motivation for students to take action to gain knowledge, beyond that of just completing tasks for game related rewards”.

The LearnBrite platform encourages students to develop critical thinking skills to address problems, take risks, experiment, and seek innovative solutions in a safe, risk-free and controlled environment.


A full range of testing methodologies can be easily integrated, adapted and automated for each scenario to test, mark and assess user’s knowledge skills and attitudes.

The LearnBrite platform provides rich data collection to analyze engagement and training effectiveness.


LMS & LTI ready. Your training is packaged and ready for millions of Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas and Sakai users in over 70,000 universities, organizations and schools.

Moodle Gamification integration with Completion Tracking, Open Badges and Printed Certificates.

Rapid Production

  • 3D content library
  • Pre-built virtual actors
  • Templates or customization
  • Scenario authoring tool
  • Minimal graphic design
  • Changes deployed instantly

No Voice Over Costs

The LearnBrite Platform uses our very own ResponsiveVoice text to speech engine. No voice overs are required, changes to scenarios or scripts are instant.

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No Video Production

Use of real-time Virtual Actors and 3D means the experience can be altered quickly and easily unlike video productions which are non-interactive, expensive and must be re-recorded if even a minor change is required.

The LearnBrite platform brings it all together

When the technology, learning methods, devices, courses, games, training and assessment are joined with expert attention the results are ‘game changing’.

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