True Cross Platform eLearning delivery and engagement using a range of devices from the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PC, laptops, tablets and phones with the advances of Chrome on Androids and Apple iOS.

Zero installation required – Zero plugins – Zero IT approval required

VR Scenarios

Use 3D avatar bots to engage learners in conversations for sales and service, healthcare, leadership and critical decision making.

Scenarios encourage learners to develop critical thinking skills to address problems, take risks, experiment, and seek innovative solutions in a safe, risk-free and controlled environment.

VR Meetings

Deliver your next live video webcast into immersive VR. Visitors listen to your presentation live on the big screen, chat with other attendees and ask questions to you, the presenter.

Perfect for team meetings, training courses, presentations, webinars or town-hall events.

VR Campus

VR Campus is a customized collection of 3D environments for enterprises, universities, schools and organizations. Learners can take part in self-paced learning experiences with bots, while staff and learners can meet for collaborative sessions and role play simulations.

Rapid Production

  • 3D content library
  • Pre-built virtual actors
  • Templates or customization
  • Scenario authoring tool
  • Custom branding
  • Changes deployed instantly

Cost Effective

Use of real-time Virtual Actors and 3D means the experience can be altered quickly and easily unlike video productions which are non-interactive, expensive and must be re-recorded if even a minor change is required.

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