Decorating Your Meeting Space

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OK, so this is the fun part!

Full disclosure, I’m no interior decorator so my design choices may or may not align with your tastes (probably the latter).

But, the goal here isn’t to end up in next month’s Virtual Homes & Gardens, but to give you a sense of the basics behind adding things to the 3D scene and then putting them where you want them.

If you’re following along, then you probably already have the Spaces page open. If not, click here to do so now.

Before you continue:

Double-check to make sure your meeting space is multiuser enabled by clicking on the triple-dot menu and selecting edit.

Then, scroll down and make sure the checkbox next to “Virtual Meeting Room” is still ticked and then save the Space again.

Now click on the thumbnail of the space we created in the previous lesson to launch your Space from the Dashboard to load the 3D editor.

Because of the dynamic nature of 3D space editing, you’ll need to watch the video to get a good feel for how it works.

Wasn’t that fun? You just created a fully functional 3D office space in less than 30min!

Why not go stretch your legs, grab some coffee & come straight back for the next lesson,  you won’t be disappointed.

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