Integrating LearnBrite with Articulate Rise 360

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How to create virtual reality (VR) experiences in Articulate Rise

Creating a Rise course with VR content is easy. Experiences can include interactive virtual reality/augmented reality, 360-degree videos or 3D models. This is the easiest way to embed VR in Articulate 360.

This brief guide takes the user through the process of including a LearnBrite experience in Articulate Rise 360.

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How to create virtual reality (VR) experiences in Articulate Rise

LearnBrite Embed Code

Rise 360- Multimedia Embed


LearnBrite Embed Code

A video guide of this section and the following Rise 360 one is available here: 

After creating the space, it will be visible in the list at, and the embed code needed in Rise has automatically been generated. To copy it,

  1. Click on the three vertical dots on the right of the space’s title, and then on Export in the menu that appears

Fig 2. The space menu.

  1. A number of export options will be shown you. Expand Webpage embed by clicking on it, and then click on the Copy button on the right of the code to copy the whole snippet. We will use this shortly.

Fig 3. The export menu.

Rise 360- Multimedia Embed

A video guide of this section and the previous Dashboard one is available here 

In Rise, open the page of the course you want to edit (or create a new one), then add a new Lesson by clicking and writing in the Add a lesson title… section, then on the Add content button. Choose Lesson from the dropdown.

Fig 4. After adding the LearnBrite scenario lesson.

The page of this new lesson will open, to which blocks can be added. For Scenario, click on All blocks on the left.

Fig 5. The list of blocks.

Then select Multimedia from the sidebar, and then Embed.


Fig 6. Left sidebar that appears on selecting “All Blocks”.

A block with some pre-populated content will be added, which needs to be edited. Fortunately the process is straightforward:

  1. Click on Edit, a button that appears in the top left corner of your block when hovering over it

Fig 7. Edit button is visible on the top left corner.

  1. Click Change, on the right of the new menu that opens

Fig 8. Changing the contents of the Embed block.

  1. Paste the embed code from the Dashboard section of this guide into the box, and press Enter.

That’s it! The scenario will now be loaded as part of your course.

Fig 9. Scenario loading in Rise’s preview mode.


Rise 360 does not support custom Javascript, and is therefore incapable of receiving scores or completion statuses from embedded multimedia (such as the LearnBrite experiences).

It is possible to collect user scores through LearnBrite’s own tracking platform, Trophio.

Alternatively, scoring can be passed through when embedding LearnBrite experiences in Articulate Storyline.

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