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WooHoo! You’ve made it to the end in record time!

If you’ve been following along, you now have a fully functional micro-learning Scenario that’s ready for people to experience.

Not only that, but you also have the basics of Scenario creation under your belt along with a template you can refer back to when branching out into creating experiences of your own.

So again, great job for making it all the way here and now the only thing that’s left is to learn how to invite people to your space.

Head back to the Spaces section of your Dashboard.

There are 2 ways to invite people to your Scenario.

The first is by clicking the triple-dot menu to the right of the Space’s title and description area and choosing “Invites”.

Here you’ll enter the Email, Name and Gender of the person you like to invite. You can also click the “Add row” button if you’d like to invite several people at once.

After clicking the “Send” button, you’ll see a success message displayed letting you know that the email invitation is on its way.

Go ahead and invite yourself to the Space now so you can see what the learner will get on their end. The user will receive an invite in their email inbox from LearnBrite Events. When the user clicks [Visit Now] they are taken straight into the Scenario they were invited to.

The second way of inviting people to a Scenario is from directly inside the 3D environment. Clicking the “Share” icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar will open a dialogue box similar to the dashboard interface. Here you can enter the Name and Email of the participant you’d like to invite to the Scenario and click the Share button. If you need to add more people, simply click the “+” icon below the name field.

And that’s it!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed your first foray into the world of LearnBrite enough to keep building new and exciting Scenarios to take your training materials to the next level. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to support ([email protected]) or to explore more of the training library for help on specific features. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch because we’ll always be here when you need us.

So what’s next?

Go ahead and start building your own Scenarios…

Or if you’d like to set up some ILT meeting rooms, be sure to check out the Multiuser Quick Start Series.

Done with your single user scenario?

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