Getting Started With Single User Scenarios

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Welcome to your first lesson on how to get up and running with Single User Scenarios or what some people refer to as Micro-Learning Experiences. Our goal is to help you build a simple Scenario that will walk you through the basics of how the tools work together to bring your creations to life. Once you’ve completed this crash course (30-45 minutes), you’ll not only have the knowledge you need to get started building more complex experiences, but also a template that you can use to jumpstart your future projects.

Here is a preview of the Scenario you’re about to build.

The first thing we have to do is install the branching dialogue creator that is going to power all of your AI bots. This is the engine that drives every Scenario and will allow you to create experiences ranging from the simple (which we will be focusing on in this course) to the very complex (which you can learn about through our library of standalone tutorials and/or by reaching out to support).

In fact, ChatMapper is so powerful that some of the biggest game studios use it to create their epic storylines and to drive their character interactions for some of their highest grossing titles generating millions in sales.

Put another way you now have the keys to a Ferrari, but we need to give you a few basic driving lessons so you can make it around the track.

Let’s start with the simple stuff:

Step 1) Click here to download ChatMapper  

(Windows Installer, compatible with Parallels for Mac)

When you’ve completed the above, please move on to the next lesson.

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