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Wow, you’re still here… That’s great news because we are in the home stretch now… Watch the video for a quick tour of the different controls available to you as a host/editor/presenter. In this lesson you’ll learn how to stream your webcam and/or desktop into your 3D meeting, so we do recommend that you use Google Chrome and install our screen sharing extension so you can follow along. In the last lesson, you learned a lot about how to add things like media boards to your meeting space via the edit menu. By the way, did you know that you can also drop in just about any type of link you want and add things on the fly? Your space allows you to add pretty much anything with a URL to the 3D scene. That means you can work collaboratively on:
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Microsoft Word 365

  • Microsoft Excel 365

  • Microsoft Powerpoint 365

  • Youtube links

  • and much more…
Pretty much anything with a public link can be shared in just 2 Steps!
  1. First, copy & paste the URL to what you want to add to your meeting space in the chat box and click send/Enter.
  2. Click the red tack icon that appears next to the link in the chat history and that’s it!
We did say 2 Steps didn’t we? After that, you can resize, rotate & move your new media board around like you learned in the last lesson. NOTE: This method will produce media boards that open the documents in new tabs. If you want them to pop-up within the space, you’ll need to use the “add media board” feature I showed you in the previous lesson. NOTE: This is the IFRAME code you can drop in your space to add the dial-in numbers for that specific meeting room: <iframe src=’ style=’width:100%;height:70vh;></iframe>

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