Zoom Meetings in VR

Zoom Meetings in VR


LearnBrite already includes tightly integrated WebRTC conferencing capabilities such as audio, video, VR presence and dial-in by phone.

In some enterprise environments it may be preferable to leverage the tools already in place, this helps with costs and also managing change in an organization. If everyone is already familiar with using Zoom, then adding VR to it can get better user “buy-in” than asking them to use a new or different solution.

Mobile, tablet, chromebook, laptop, desktop, VR/AR

Create a space

Go to Space settings

Advanced > Version > 2.11 Beta

Advanced > Third party conference

Zoom URL

Usually your zoom URL will look like


You will want to change the URL slightly as follows, replace “j” with “wc/join”



Visit the space

Orange phone icon

Universal Avatars


Experimental > Enable Video Avatars (Optional)

Zoom in Oculus Quest & Oculus Go

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