ELearning company LearnBrite acquires leading Virtual Reality Storytelling software Chat Mapper

For release Monday June 8th 2015

Phoenix, AZ (Jun 8, 2015) – LearnBrite, a division of 3D entertainment and e-learning company ExitReality Inc., has acquired California based Chat Mapper; the world’s leading creators of non-linear branching scenario software. Chat Mapper allows users to create flexible branching conversations that imitate real life scenarios in a story, game or lesson.

Founded in 2009, Chat Mapper was used by video game authors, scriptwriters and later by educators to produce non-linear branching dialogue, to create and view the ‘bigger picture’ and change it as they go. Since then the customer base has grown to include industries such as e-learning, emergency response agencies, healthcare, sales, customer service, playwrights, strategic and military planning.

Ben McIntosh founder of Chat Mapper said that “After many years of development Chat Mapper is more fun, more engaging, and overall more effective than anything else available in this space. That is proven and attested to by the professionals that seek out Chat Mapper for their games, scripts and classes”

The agreement to acquire Chat Mapper and all associated IP was signed during the first quarter of 2015. The acquisition is expected to further strengthen LearnBrite’s position in the global digital education and gamification market.

This acquisition helps LearnBrite to expand a footprint in the components needed to bring the eLearning industry into the new world of cross platform virtual reality. Parent company ExitReality has a range of virtual reality worlds including Twinity and v-Side and have delivered millions of gamification experiences.

With Chat Mapper’s ability to deliver non-linear scenarios, branching conversations, branching audio, branching video and 360 degree experiences, LearnBrite says it will now be able to better serve the elearning market by integrating with its recently announced HTML5 virtual reality platform.

Inline with the acquisition, a series of exciting breakthroughs have been released in Chat Mapper 1.9, which is now available to download. Chat Mapper scenarios can now be embedded into applications and web pages (similar to a YouTube video). Voices are spoken by multi lingual ‘text to speech’, or recorded audio, by photo characters/cutout people, with backgrounds, as seen here. The output can be viewed in any HTML5 compatible browser or device and does not need plugins. The responsive web design fits any screen size and orientation.

Ben McIntosh commented, “During the last year we have assisted LearnBrite in delivering dialogues using text to speech for their avatars, including what I believe is the world’s first HTML5 VR eLearning simulation, the landmark Curtin University project. Joining with LearnBrite is really exciting because our vision and culture aligns so precisely. They have a highly skilled team with all of the skills to take Chat Mapper into the VR age, Danny is a legend in the VR world. Together we have a bright future.”

Complex branching scenarios are a key part of the eLearning VR/AR revolution. Combining Chat Mapper with the LearnBrite platform offers the ability for anyone to author scenarios along with the virtual actors and the environments that they live in.

Danny Stefanic, CEO of LearnBrite said “When Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens, Samsung VR, Google’s Magic Leap, HTC Vive and Apple, all hit the world market in 2016 with their amazing VR hardware, people will say, ‘this would be great for education, has anyone done anything about it?’ LearnBrite has; we have integrated Chat Mapper to create the platform to interact in the long awaited virtual classrooms, workplaces and worlds on today’s devices and in tomorrow’s virtual and augmented reality. The acquisition has advanced our plans significantly. As of today any content produced in Chat Mapper is now ‘VR Ready’; this is a game changer in terms of education and training.”

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

LearnBrite are aiming to build more online training platforms in HTML5 and are inviting enterprises, universities and eLearning companies to create pilot projects with their unique blend of technology. Any interested organizations should email [email protected]

You can find out more from their website http://learnbrite.com/learnbrite-chatmapper-press-kit/ or follow them on twitter @LearnBrite.

About LearnBrite

LearnBrite is one the companies grown by VR veteran entrepreneur, Danny Stefanic.  His consortium headed by ExitReality includes Moodalytics.com, MoodleBadges.com, Twinity.com, ResponsiveVoice.com and Koinup.com

LearnBrite are active in the eLearning sector with avatars, non linear dialogue, gamification and virtual environments.  They have developed an eLearning platform based on HTML5, offering increased levels of engagement, involvement and motivation, facilitating ”self-paced” learning and memorable and immersive learning experiences.

The Company is focused on continuing its market expansion and new product development to meet the global trend towards leveraging 3D and virtual reality technology to improve student performance.

For more news connect with LearnBrite on LinkedIn and FaceBook or follow on Twitter.

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Early Oculus Prototype

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First ever HTML5 Cross Platform E-Learning


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Danny Stefanic

LearnBrite CEO

Danny is CEO of the 3D internet company ExitReality Inc, founder of the International Virtual Reality Association and chairman of the recently acquired games social network Koinup. Called a “visionary” by his peers and deemed by Wall Street CIOs and Silicon Valley VCs to be “one of the pioneers in his field”, he has been creating ground breaking 3D businesses for over 20 years.

He has assisted companies with angel investment, international licensing, acquisitions, exits, managing distributed teams and has personally closed IP acquisitions valued at $85M.

Danny actively works with young businesses to share his experiences and give back to the community.


Ben McIntosh

Chat Mapper CEO

Ben founded Chat Mapper to help companies, government agencies, and educators world-wide not only see the bigger picture, but be able to create it, traverse it, and change it as they go. The flagship product, Chat Mapper, is a non-linear dialogue editor originally intended for video game designers to write complex dialogue. The customer base has grown to include other industries such as e-learning, scenario mapping for emergency response agencies, diagnoses applications for health care professionals, sales research and customer service for consumer based companies, and strategic planning for the military.


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