What is VR Scenario?

A set of authoring tools and online services to rapidly author engaging interactive experiences for learning and recruitment.

Key features

  • Industry Leading Branching Scenario Authoring Tool
  • Responsive Avatar Bots
  • 100% HTML5
  • Mobile, Tablet, Desktop Delivery
  • VR Ready
  • Text to Speech
  • Subtitles
  • 3D Scenes
  • 360 Scenes (Panorama, Photosphere or 360 Video)
  • Hybrid Cloud Solution (Your IP on Your Server)
  • SCORM and LTI Compatible

Virtual Actors Bring Training to Life

Personalized Virtual Actors with unique roles, appearances, fashion or uniforms, and Real Time Voices, guide the user through the learning and testing process within the virtual environment of your choice.


Dynamic scenarios adapt based on your actions and decisions.

Non-linear dialogue and branching conversations allow each experience to be unique and for users to learn from different actions.

Enterprise Integration

LMS & LTI ready. Your training is packaged and ready for millions of Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas and Sakai users in over 70,000 universities, organizations and schools.

Adaptive Scoring

Test, mark and assess user’s knowledge skills and attitudes based on the paths they take through a scenario

Dynamic Text to Speech

No voice overs are required, changes to scenarios or scripts are instant. Participants can even be addressed with their own name. Alternatively, professional voice over audio files are supported.

Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline

Embed scenarios in LMS courses built with popular e-learning authoring tools. Scenario scores are easily escalated to the SCORM module and then to the LMS.

Curtin University Case Study

A controlled academic study has been carried out on a group of third year students using avatars, environments, text to speech, branching dialogues, decision trees, tracking, assessment and more in a Moodle test scenario. It shows how immersive eLearning works on phones, tablets, computers and VR headsets and what happened when a leading University deployed it.

WebVR Gaze Puzzle

Oculus, Vive, Gaze, 3D Items, Bots, Text to Speech, Scoring

Oculus and Vive compatible with WebVR Chromium 52

Can you save Katie?

Bots, Audio Voice-Overs, Branching Dialogue, Adaptive Plot, Multi-scene

Your sister Katie has gone missing.

Interactive 3D Environment and Bots

The Virtual Home Visit was made by LearnBrite for Curtin University to train and assess physiotherapy students. Students virtually visit a patient’s home environment, talk with them and identify potential risks.

Speech Recognition

Chrome, Samsung, Speech Recognition, Bots, Text to Speech, Android

Native speech recognition in Chrome and Samsung browsers on Android and Chrome on desktops. Audio headset recommended.

Scrubs 3D Healthcare Training

Multiplayer Collaboration, 3D VR, Props, Bots, Text to Speech, Assessment

Healthcare Situational Judgement Test

360 VR, Bots, Picture-In-Picture, Text to Speech

Branching Scenarios

Bots, Text to Speech, Picture Backgrounds, Branching Scenario

The 5 Futurist Genies by Peter Ellyard of the Preferred Futures Institute

360 VR Scenes

Animated 360 Background, Bots, Text to Speech

Camera Animation and Shots

Bots, Text to Speech, Camera Animation, Camera Shots

Sales Demo

Bots, Text to Speech, Decision Scoring, Picture-In-Picture Narrator

Auditorium Question and Answer

Multi Language Scenarios

Bots, Text to Speech, Multilanguage Voices

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